Poster Writing Rules

1.Writing: must be written by using Microsoft Office Word.  
2. Page and Font Structure: The font must be Times New Roman ve 22 puntos. Top, bottom, right and left margins must be 3cm. Paragraph margins: Justified and  1.5 line spaced. indentation: 0.7 cm.
3. Size: 60 x 80 cm in size (vertical). 
4. Design: Two columns and 3 cm width between the columns. 
5. Logo:  title must be centered  between Gumushane University Logo(right) and Congress Logo(left).
6. Title: 40 puntos Bold, “Times New Roman”, and Capital. Should not be more than two lines. 
7. Subtitles: 26 puntos Bold, "Times New Roman”, and the first letter must be capital.
8. Writer Name(s): 30 puntos Bold, “Times New Roman”
9. Writer e-mails: 24 puntos “Times New Roman” 
10. Bibliography: Apa format